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Geneva, CH

210505 Site Plan Venice March 28 2021 in


Geneva, CH

Dieter Dietz,

Tiphaine Abenia, Quentin Andreotti, Arthur Blanc, Maxime Bondu, Camille Claessens-Vallet, Augustin Clément, Teresa Cheung, Aurélie Dupuis, Camille Fauvel, Sebastien Grosset, Patricia Guaita, Julien Heil, Lucia Jalón Oyarzun, Clarisse Labro, Julien Lafontaine Carboni, Romain Legros, Zoé Lefevre, Antonin Mack, Nagy Makhlouf, Victor Maréchal, Agathe Mignon, Noemi Niederhauser, Malcolm Onifade, Mattia Pretolani, Aurèle Pulfer, Myriam Treiber, Lucas Uhlmann, Rubén Valdez, Uri Wegman, Daniel Zamarbide.


Our cities are dense with material constructions, but also dense with tacit knowledge, memories, and visions, all of which are embodied in its physical stratification. In this context, landscape, as a complex and embodied arrangement of matter and uses, an entanglement of ecology and culture, can function as scaffolding to support the cohabitation of new urban experiences.

An open-ended, modular, and adaptive approach, informed by a principle of parallel infrastructural interventions and capable of incorporating new actors, temporalities and layers onto the landscape through a series of vectors and orientations is advanced.

These vectors function as filters, opening up a field of possibilities , and allowing multiple figures and configurations to emerge. In this conceptual framework, the drawing offers a common ground that echoes and enacts the ones shaped by the living networks of the city.

It is through this commonality that ALICE has articulated a series of pedagogical, research and design projects that range from multimodal landscape infrastructures to 1:1 built interventions distributed throughout the territory. Bringing together the work of researchers, teachers, citizens, politicians and more than 200 students in a transcalar collective vision for the ecological transition of Grand Genève.

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